Special Call 8C2YOTA

ORARI(9/4). Dalam rangka meresmikan lahirnya Youngsters On the Air (YOTA) ORARI Daerah Jawa Tengah, akan mengaktifkan Spesial Event Station (SES) 8C2YOTA yang memancar untuk kegiatan SPECIAL CALL.

Kegiatan special Call 8C2YOTA di Band VHF dan Band HF pada tanggal 16-18 April 2021.

Yes! There’s Youth in Ham Radio!

Yota a.k.a. Youngsters On the Air is one of the division in worldwide amateur radio activities that involded ham members under 26 years old 8C2YOTA will be Qrv from 16-18 April 2021 on 160m-10m HF bands and also 2m band, Support this youth activity by hunting us on all bands and modes listed on the flyer.

CU on the bands
de 8C2YOTA
*Yes! There’s Youth in Ham Radio!*

sumber : https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100011760040267&cft[0]=AZVq5tnEBFyUBz3nXLj99KdUsoUB2MAKBjWQHbI4conssWVX57KoYUCRi34c9uGy2yqiMFAccxiKPsut7avQ80As3e_An6RlzvacUbigPQS4tzdTud_lHZZdMhz5RxnkntEEANxfbZ4bCzRb8Is10oow2IkTtpfpqK8rWwgt_0AiLoZNI_WtxQuQAapxS2hDhY19RXFkmTVuUjkwnxIihI1m&tn=-UC*F

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