Radio Amateurs in India Support Emergency Communication during Cyclone Vayu

Personnel from India's 6th National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) load life saving material on a truck at a NDRF camp, in Chiloda (also called Naroda), some 40 kms from Ahmedabad on June 11, 2019. - An intensified storm from the Arabian Sea is likely to strengthen into a severe cyclonic storm that is heading towards Gujarat state. As a way to face the now called cyclone 'Vayu' NDRF personnel are deployed to different coastal regions of the state. (Photo by SAM PANTHAKY / AFP)

At the request of authorities in India’s Gujarat Province, Rajesh Vagadia, VU2EXP, and his niece Shyama Vagadia, VU3WHG, deployed on June 12 to Porbandar to offer emergency communication support in the event the Category 3 Cyclone Vayu struck Gujarat.

On short notice, they installed HF and VHF stations, equipped with digital communication. Rajesh Vagadia said a lot of hams checked in and remained on frequency to assist if needed.

Fortunately, he said the course of the storm changed and did not make landfall on the Gujarat coast. “It remains a great learning experience for us on preparedness, installation, operating, coordination, [and other] aspects,” Rajesh Vagadia said. — Thanks to Southgate Amateur Radio News.


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